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  • Result Based Training (RBT)

    Join Elite Physique’s - Result Based Training (RBT) program for GUARANTEED RESULTS! You will receive a 12 week free gym membership, when you sign up!During the 12 weeks you have a choice of either:a) 1x 1 hour PT sessions per week   OR   b) 2x 30 mins...
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    Ina's remarkable journey

    ELITE PHYSIQUE GYM, Canberra, December 2015 Ina Kehrberg-Ostrasz  [senior concession]: It all began with my son Mark who is my coach which joined Elite earlier this year. Mark had introduced me to kettlebells about three years ago to help me combat...
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    Congratulations - Team Elite!

    Congratulations to team Elite for the fantastic efforts at the IFBB NSW state titles. Big Dan Stuart placed 2nd in his weight division the mens over 100kg class. He was thrilled with his achievements being the biggest and leanest he has ever...
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  • Elite Functional Training (EFT30)

    Elite Functional Training (EFT30) is an innovative, challenging and effective small group training workout performed over a fast paced 30 minute period. EFT30 incorporates high intensity interval training that places high demands on both Endurance &...
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Elite tips

  • Have patience

    Fitness, leanness and muscle is almost like a pregnancy: you cannot rush it to month 8 no matter how much you want to.
  • Motivate!

    Avoid being discouraged by looking at how much weight experienced trainees are pushing. They were beginners once too!
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